The studio is located in Midtown East, Manhattan on 232 East 58th street, between 2nd and 3rd avenue. There is a one flight walkup to the space. No elevator available.


The studio is aprox. 900 sqf with a fully equipped kitchen, shooting space and client lounge.

The shooting space is 12' x 25', ceiling height 10'. White walls, cherry hard wood floors.

Client lounge section of the studio seating 6-8 people comfortably + desk space for 1-2 people. Foldable tables + a total of 14 stools available in the space. 

Free high speed wifi.


The kitchen has a standard fridge/freezer, electrical stove with convection oven, table top oven, micro oven, dishwasher, stand mixers, deep fryer, food processor, coffee maker and espresso machine.


Rental always include a 9ft Cambo studio stand, 10 C-stands and v-flats, saw horses.

See separate list for equipment rental.


Studio rental fee's start at $95 per hour or full day rates at $650 per day (8 hours). Studio is available 7 days a week.